16th October 2019


How do you spell all together or altogether?

  1. Think of altogether as one complete word (rather than two words like all together) to remind you it means 'completely'.
  2. Remember you need to use the words 'all' and 'together' both 'at the same' time to spell all together.
  3. Come up with a sentence that will help you work out what the meaning of each spelling.

Similarly, it is asked, what is the difference between all together and altogether?

Altogether is only used as an adverb, while all together is never used as an adverb but, instead, is used in all senses other than an adverb. You can remember the difference between these two words by linking the phrases all together and all here in your mind.

Is all together one word?

The phrase all together (two words) refers to people or things gathered in one place or all acting together. The adverb altogether (one word) means entirely, wholly, or in all.

What is the difference between all ready and already?

All ready” is a phrase meaning “completely prepared,” as in “As soon as I put my coat on, I'll be all ready.” “Already,” however, is an adverb used to describe something that has happened before a certain time, as in “What do you mean you'd rather stay home?
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