How do you shorten a URL?

Create a shortened URL
  1. Visit the Google URL shortener site at
  2. If you aren't signed in, click the Sign in button in the top right corner.
  3. Write or paste your URL in the Paste your long URL here box.
  4. Click Shorten URL.

Is this a virus http bit ly?

Various messages circulating via social media advise users to never click on links because they all point to viruses, rogue applications or malicious websites. Some of the warnings suggest that the inclusion of a “” link from a friend is an indication that the friend has been “hacked”.
  • What is the ow ly?

    The Hootsuite dashboard offers four URL shorteners:,,, and Each URL shortener ends with the country where the domain name is registered (.li is for Liechtenstein and .ly is for Libya). This means the difference between and, for example, is simply where the server is located.
  • What is Urlvoid?

    URLVoid is a free service that analyzes a website through multiple blacklist engines and online reputation tools to facilitate the detection of fraudulent and malicious websites. This service helps you identify websites involved in malware incidents, fraudulent activities and phishing websites.
  • How do you know if it's safe to buy from a website?

    Before you type your card details into a website, ensure that the site is secure. Look out for a small padlock symbol in the address bar (or elsewhere in your browser window) and a web address beginning with https:// (the s stands for 'secure'). You also need to check that the website is trustworthy.

Do bit ly links expire?

No. They'll remain valid as long as the service remains up. Tinyurl says in the first paragraph on their main page that their urls "never expire": This Bitly help page also states that their urls won't expire.
  • Is Google a URL?

    The Google URL shortener, at, is a free, online URL shorten service (also called a redirection service). To use the shortener, copy and paste your long URL into the online form to obtain a much shorter URL that redirects to the source address.
  • What is goo GL virus? virus is the name used by users to label the malicious application spreading malware infection through Skype, Facebook and other social networks. is a legitimate service provided by Google for shortening of URLs.
  • Are urls permanent?

    A permalink or permanent link is a URL that is intended to remain unchanged for many years into the future, yielding a hyperlink that is less susceptible to link rot. A permalink is a type of persistent identifier and the word permalink is sometimes used as a synonym of persistent identifier.

Updated: 28th October 2019

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