26th November 2019


How do you read the thermometer?

  1. Most thermometers have two temperature scales: Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  2. When you read the temperature on a thermometer, it should be vertical and your eyes should be level with the top of the liquid in the glass tube.
  3. Avoid handling the thermometer when you take your readings.

Moreover, how long should you hold a thermometer under your arm?

Keep the thermometer in the rectum for 3 minutes. To take an underarm temperature: Put the end with the colored tip in your armpit. Squeeze your arm against your body to hold the thermometer in place. Keep the thermometer in your armpit for 3 minutes.

How do you use a thermometer?

With your mouth open, put the end with the red, blue, or silver-colored tip under your tongue. Close your lips gently around the thermometer. Do not bite the glass thermometer. Keep the thermometer under your tongue for 3 minutes.

How do you check a thermometer?

To calibrate using ice water, place the thermometer stem in a bowl or glass of ice water, careful that the sensor (the tiny dimple along the side) is completely submerged. Let it sit for a few minutes, then read the dial. It should register about 32 degrees.
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