16th October 2019


How do you leave remind texts?

If you are wanting to unlink from/leave a school, click here.
  1. TEXT: Leave all classes owned by this teacher: @LEAVE. Leave a teacher's specific class (but stay in this teacher's other classes): @LEAVE @"code"
  2. APP: iOS: Once you are on the class, tap the '>' next to the class name on top.

Likewise, what is text to 81010?

81010 is a free short code that U.S. participants can use to join a class on Remind. Short codes are easy-to-remember phone numbers, usually five or six digits long, that you might have used before for services like American Idol or ESPN score alerts.

How do you turn on replies in remind?

Anyone can turn off replies on Remind if they use the app or web. If the other user turns them on repeatedly, you can block them. To turn off replies in an existing conversation, tap the information icon in the top right of the conversation window. You should see a Turn off replies option on the right side.

How do I get my remind code?

This code is what students & parents use to join the right class. Teachers can change a class code at any time on web or in the app. To find the class code on the web: Click on the name of the class on the right hand side of your Remind.com account, and then the gear in the top right corner.
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