7th December 2019


How do you know who the administrator is on a Mac?

Mac OS X
  1. Open the Apple menu.
  2. Select System Preferences.
  3. In the System Preferences window, click on the Accounts icon.
  4. In the list of accounts on the left side of the Accounts window, locate your account. If the word Admin is immediately below your account name, then you are an administrator on this workstation.

How do I find my user name on a Mac?

These are instructions on how to change your Mac OS X Leopard User Name and Password.
  1. Click to select System Preferences.. from the Apple Menu at the top left of the screen.
  2. Click to select Accounts from the System Preferences menu.
  3. Click the lock icon at the bottom left of the Accounts screen.

What is an administrator account on a Mac?

When you first installed the Mac OS, an administrator account was created. Administrators can change system preferences that control how the Mac works and feels, install software, and perform many special tasks that standard user accounts aren't allowed to perform.
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