17th October 2019


How do you know if you have a fever without a thermometer?

Checking for the Symptoms of a Fever. Feel the person's forehead or neck. The most common way to check for a fever without a thermometer is to feel the person's forehead or neck to see if it feels hotter than usual. Use the back of your hand, since the skin on your palm isn't as sensitive as these other areas.

Also question is, is a 99.4 a fever?

The doctors consider the rise in body temperature as fever if it crosses the mark of 99.4°F when taken orally and 100.4°F when taken rectally. Digital thermometers provide a more accurate temperature reading.

Is a 99.7 a fever?

Fever. In most adults, a fever starts at an oral or axillary temperature of 37.6°C (99.7°F) or a rectal or ear temperature of 38.1°C (100.6°F). A child has a fever when his or her rectal temperature is 38°C (100.4°F) or higher or armpit (axillary) temperature is 37.6°C (99.7°F) or higher.
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