28th October 2019


How do you know how many weeks pregnant you are?

You can start counting pregnancy weeks as soon as you calculate your due date based on your LMP. You will be counting your 40 weeks from the first day of LMP. As you near the due date, you may have to start counting your pregnancy by days as – 39 weeks one day, 39 weeks two days, and so on (6).

Hereof, how do I figure out a due date?

Your due date is calculated by subtracting 3 months from the 1st day of your last menstrual period (LMP), then adding 7 days — that's your due date the following year. For example, say your last period began on April 11.

What does a baby look like at 3 weeks?

Your pregnancy: 3 weeks. Previous. This cavity will soon be the yolk sac, delivering nutrients to the embryo. See how your baby is developing. The egg is now a "blastocyst" burrowing into the blood-rich uterine lining.
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