12th November 2019


How do you get a square root out of the denominator?

So, in order to rationalize the denominator, we need to get rid of all radicals that are in the denominator.
  1. Step 1: Multiply numerator and denominator by a radical that will get rid of the radical in the denominator.
  2. Step 2: Make sure all radicals are simplified.
  3. Step 3: Simplify the fraction if needed.

Accordingly, how do you cross multiply to find X?

Method 1 Cross Multiplying with a Single Variable
  1. Multiply the numerator of the left-hand fraction by the denominator of the right-hand fraction.
  2. Multiply the numerator of the right-hand fraction by the denominator of the left-hand fraction.
  3. Set the two products equal to each other.
  4. Solve for the variable.

How do you isolate the variable?

Put every term that contains the variable on one side of the equation and every term that does not contain a variable on the other side. Divide both sides of the equation by the coefficient – the number attached to the variable. Solve for x. The solution is x = 4.

How do you solve a fraction?

Method 3 Converting Mixed Numbers into Improper Fractions
  1. Convert mixed numbers into improper fractions.
  2. Take the whole (non-fraction) number and multiply it by the denominator.
  3. Add that answer to the numerator.
  4. Put that amount over the original denominator and you will have an improper fraction.
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