4th December 2019


How do you do a squared sign on a laptop?

  1. Find Alt code. Numeric Alt codes for symbols are listed in Alt codes list.
  2. Enable Num Lk . You may need to simultaneously press ["FN" and " Scr Lk "] keys.
  3. Hold down "Alt" key. Some laptops require you to hold both "Alt" and "FN" keys.
  4. Input Alt code of symbol on Keypad.
  5. Release all the keys.

In this way, how do you type a square root sign on a keyboard?

Open the document you want to insert the square root symbol into. Press and hold the "ALT" key, and then type "251" using the keypad. The number keys below your function keys, however, will not work.

How do you do a squared sign on a keyboard?

Answer Wiki
  1. If you want to type ² in word document, then you can use superscript option that can be enabled by shortcut key (Ctrl + Shift + +)
  2. You can use alt code.
  3. Or You can copy paste from here → a²
  4. Source : Alt code for symbols, letters and Characters.
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