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How do you determine the degree of a polynomial?

To find the degree of a polynomial, all you have to do is find the largest exponent in the polynomial. If you want to find the degree of a polynomial in a variety of situations, just follow these steps.

In this regard, what is the degree of the polynomial?

The degree of a polynomial is the highest degree of its monomials (individual terms) with non-zero coefficients. The degree of a term is the sum of the exponents of the variables that appear in it, and thus is a non-negative integer. For example, the polynomial which can also be expressed as has three terms.

What are the different kinds of polynomial according to the degree?

Based on the number of terms of the given polynomial, it can be divided into monomial, binomial, trinomial, constant polynomials. The polynomial with only one term is called monomial. The polynomial with two terms is called binomial. The polynomial with three terms are called trinomial.

Is a single number a polynomial?

Polynomials in one variable are algebraic expressions that consist of terms in the form where n is a non-negative (i.e. positive or zero) integer and a is a real number and is called the coefficient of the term. The degree of a polynomial in one variable is the largest exponent in the polynomial.
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