How do you calculate UIF?

If a worker earns R1 000 per month, the employer must deduct 1%, namely R10. In addition, the employer must pay his part, R10, for that worker. The total of R20 must therefore be paid to the UIF or SARS for this one worker. As an Employee, 1% of their Salary gets deducted by the Employer for UIF.

How do you calculate your unemployment benefits?

Calculating your weekly benefit amount
  1. Step 1: List your total wages in the last 4 quarters in which you worked.
  2. Step 2: Add the top two highest quarters of wages.
  3. Step 3: Divide the sum of the two highest quarters from Step 2 by 26 (the number of weeks in the combined quarters)

How long after retrenchment can I claim UIF?

You can lodge a UIF claim if your employer goes bankrupt, your contract ends, or you are fired or retrenched. You have to lodge your claim within six months of the date when you stop working. The first step is that you have to go to a department of labour office to sign an unemployment register.

Can you get your UIF if you resign?

No, cannot claim if you have resigned from the job. You can only claim unemployment benefits if you have been dismissed or retrenched or if the contract has expired. What kind of benefits is covered by the UIF?
  • Can you collect unemployment if you quit in New York?

    In New York, employees who are fired for work-related misconduct may not qualify for unemployment benefits. If you quit your job, you won't be eligible for unemployment unless you had good cause for quitting.
  • How much money do you get from unemployment?

    Your weekly benefit amount is determined by adding together your earnings in the two quarters of the base period when you earned the most, taking 47% of that total, then dividing the result by 26. The current maximum weekly unemployment benefit in Illinois is $418 per week.
  • How much time do you have to apply for unemployment after termination?

    There's no time limit for filing for unemployment after losing your job, for example, but if you wait too long your most recent work experience may no longer be available to establish a claim. You also only have a few weeks (usually 21 days) to file an appeal if your claim is denied.

Updated: 17th October 2019

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