How do you calculate the dew point?


Updated: 25th November 2019

A relative humidity of 100% indicates the dew point is equal to the current temperature and that the air is maximally saturated with water. When the moisture content remains constant and temperature increases, relative humidity decreases, but the dew point remains constant.

In this regard, what is the definition of dew point temperature?

Dew point temperature is defined as the temperature to which the air would have to cool (at constant pressure and constant water vapor content) in order to reach saturation. A state of saturation exists when the air is holding the maximum amount of water vapor possible at the existing temperature and pressure.

What happens when the temperature reaches the dew point?

At night, the temperature of the air cools down and often reaches its dew point temperature, so the water vapor in the air changes to a visible liquid (dew) or solid (frost). During this change in state, from vapor to a liquid or to frost, a large amount of heat is released.

What is a good dew point?

Most people find dew points of less than 60 degrees comfortable. When the dew point rises above 65 degrees people will begin feeling that the air is “sticky.” As the dew points climb through the 70s the humidity bothers more and more people who are outdoors.
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