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How do you address a Commissioner of Police in a letter?

Contact quick links
  1. Triple Zero (000) Police, Fire, Ambulance in an emergency.
  2. 131 444. For non-urgent police assistance.
  3. 1800 333 000. Report criminal information.

In respect to this, how do you address a chief of police in a letter?

The proper way to address the chief of police depends on the situation in which you are addressing them. When speaking to them or about them, use their designated military rank if they are police chiefs, such as Colonel, Major, or Captain, or just Chief before their last name.

Likewise, how do you address a police sergeant in an email?

Addressing Email
A military officer should always be addressed by his military rank, followed by the last name, such as "Dear Lieutenant Smith" or "Dear Sergeant Blackwell." If you're not certain of the correct rank to include, call and ask the center's receptionist or speak to the recruiter directly.

How do you write a formal letter to a police officer?

Make sure you include all your contact details visibly at the top of the letter. Make your cover letter police officer personal to the employer directly. If the letter is not addressed to them they will more than likely reject it immediately. Avoid general salutations like 'Dear Sir/Madam' or 'To Whom It May Concern'.

Do you salute a sergeant major?

In the US Army, it is proper and required to salute a non-commissioned officer when reporting. The squad leaders, will render a salute, while saying, “Sergeant!
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