29th June 2020


How do you abbreviate abbreviations?

Here are most popular abbreviations for the word "abbreviation":
  1. Abbr. or Abbr.
  2. Abbrev. or Abbrev.
  3. Abb.

Also, is LOL an acronym or abbreviation?

Coleman (2012) notes 'LOL', which is an initialism created from the phrase 'laughing out loud', as being a good example of a slang initialism. It can either be an abbreviation or an acronym, depending on whether you choose to spell the word out or pronouncing it like words typically are pronounced (Coleman, 2012: 39).

Also to know, how do you abbreviate version?

  1. ProductName .1.0 is the standard. If you want to name versions separately, feel free. – John Lawler Jul 8 '14 at 3:16.
  2. I am thinking that you mean “abbreviation” not “acronym”. BTW, I bet that Yoichi, one of our moderators, knows the answer to the Japanese bonus question. Perhaps he will notice this question. –

Does an acronym need periods?

There is no strict rule on using periods (full stops) in acronyms. You don't see N.A.S.A, B.B.C, or N.A.T.O often because they are so popular/familiar. However, you might have to put the periods if an acronym you use is not that familiar with readers.

How do you abbreviate edition?

ed. (countable and uncountable, plural edd.) Abbreviation of education. Abbreviation of edition.
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