2nd October 2019


How do we promote safety?

Take these steps to promote a positive safety culture in your workplace:
  1. conduct a thorough workplace risk assessment;
  2. thoroughly investigate all incidents and near misses, and examine the root cause;
  3. communicate all changes in equipment and work processes to workers;

Hereof, how do you promote a positive health and safety culture?

Use OSG's six tips to begin establishing and maintaining a strong and positive safety culture in your workplace.
  1. Communicate.
  2. Provide Training.
  3. Lead by Example.
  4. Develop and Implement a Positive Reporting Process.
  5. Involve Workers.
  6. Put your JHSC into Action.

How do you stay safe at work?

Take these steps to prevent injuries at work:
  1. Lift things safely (use your legs if possible).
  2. Arrange your work area to fit your body.
  3. Take short breaks and stretch.
  4. Wear your protective equipment.
  5. Ask about available health resources at work.
  6. Ask questions when you need to.

How do you maintain a safe working environment?

In order to maintain a safe work environment, you should consistently search and eliminate workplace hazards. You can do this by conducting routine maintenance and housekeeping measures. Educate employees on identifying hazards and risks and have them report to you if they encounter any.
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