6th December 2019


How do saturated and unsaturated fats affect cholesterol?

What you eat can affect your LDL cholesterol. Knowing which fats raise LDL cholesterol and which ones don't is the first step in lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke. Eating foods containing saturated fat and trans fat causes your body to produce even more, raising your blood cholesterol level.

Correspondingly, how is saturated fat related to cholesterol?

Eating foods that contain saturated fats raises the level of cholesterol in your blood. High levels of LDL cholesterol in your blood increase your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Do saturated fats raise HDL cholesterol?

The higher your HDL levels, the lower your risk of heart disease, and saturated fats raise blood levels of HDL (8, 9, 10). Bottom Line: Eating saturated fats raises blood levels of HDL (the "good") cholesterol, which should lower your risk of heart disease.
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