26th October 2019


How do mutations affect the phenotype?

Some mutations don't have any noticeable effect on the phenotype of an organism. This can happen in many situations: perhaps the mutation occurs in a stretch of DNA with no function, or perhaps the mutation occurs in a protein-coding region, but ends up not affecting the amino acid sequence of the protein.

Moreover, how does a silent mutation affect a protein?

Sometimes a silent mutation results in the same exact sequence of amino acids. That's what happened here. Other times in a silent mutation, there is an amino acid change, but it doesn't affect the overall function of the protein.

How does a silent mutation occur?

The Sound of a Silent Mutation. Silent mutations occur when the change of a single DNA nucleotide within a protein-coding portion of a gene does not affect the sequence of amino acids that make up the gene's protein.

How can mutations affect the expression of a gene?

We have seen that the information in DNA is the starting point of gene expression. The cell transcribes that information into mRNA and then translates the mRNA information into protein. Mutations that alter the nucleotide pairs of DNA may modify any of the steps or products of gene expression.
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