17th October 2019


How do mollusks build their shells?

Mollusks make their shells from calcium they derive from their environment, either the food they eat or the water they dwell in. When a tiny mollusk hatches from its egg, it comes into the world equipped with a tiny shell. This shell is actually a part of the animal, growing as it grows, accommodating its needs.

In this regard, what kind of food do mollusks eat?

Mollusks eat many types of foods depending on their species. Many mollusks that have their body between two shells are herbivores, they mainly feed on algae. Squids and octopuses are predators and feed on fish and other sea creatures. The mollusk snails are mixed with herbivores and carnivores.

How do mollusks digest food?

A Mollusk has food brought in through a siphon system and then to its mouth. It then goes to a digestive gland and to its intestine. Wastes leave via the anus. A Mollusk has no formal nervous system, but has a series of ganglia that conduct impulses.

How do mollusks get their food and oxygen?

Aquatic mollusks such as snails, clams, and octopi typically breathe using gills inside their mantle cavity. Tubes call siphons bring water in and out of the body. Land snails and slugs do not have gills; they respire using a mantle cavity that has a large surface area lined with blood vessels.
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