26th October 2019


How do I turn off vibration on swiftkey keyboard?

You can turn sounds on and off, turn haptic (vibration) feedback on and off, change the sound your keypress makes and the length of vibration. To access 'Sound & Vibration' settings: Open the SwiftKey app from your device. Tap 'Typing'

How do I turn off vibrate on my Android phone?

Switched the Device vibration to none and done. Seems to work. Go to settings - sounds & notifications - other sounds turn off vibrate on screen touch. Go to Settings →Language and Input→Keyboard & Input Methods→ Andriod Keyboard Settings (gear next to keyboard you use) →Under General uncheck Vibrate on Key press.

How do I turn off keyboard sounds on Android?

Go to Settings > Language & keyboard > Android keyboard and make sure "Sound on keypress" is unchecked. Follow these steps: Slide down the quick settings menu. Select Settings (gear icon) then choose User Profile & tap Predefined Profiles.
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