2nd October 2019


How do I sync my calendar to Google Calendar?

Check that Calendar is synced
  1. Open the Google Calendar app .
  2. In the top left, tap Menu .
  3. Tap Settings .
  4. Tap the name of the calendar that isn't showing up. If you don't see the calendar listed, tap Show more.
  5. At the top of the page, make sure Sync is on (blue).

Similarly, you may ask, how do I get my Google calendar on my Mac?

See Google Calendar events on Apple Calendar
  1. On your computer, open Apple Calendar .
  2. In the top left corner of your screen, click Calendar Preferences.
  3. Click the Accounts tab.
  4. On the left side of the Accounts tab, click Add .
  5. Select Google Continue.
  6. To add your Google account information, follow the steps on the screen.

Can Google Calendar sync with iCal?

Below is the easiest and most stable way to sync your Google Calendars and iCal:
  • Open settings on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Click on the Mail, Contacts, Calendars button on the left hand side.
  • You will see an accounts section that has iCloud, Exchange etc.
  • Select the Gmail option.
  • Enter in your details.
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