30th June 2020


How do I stop my throat from drying out when I run?

Use of sugar free mints or gum post workout
Chewing gum or mints helps stimulate your salivary glands to produce more saliva and will help relieve any dry mouth symptoms. However, sugar free is key.

Likewise, how do I stop my throat from hurting when I run in the cold?

How do I prevent throat pain from cold air? When running, skiing or simply walking, try to remember to breathe through your nose so that moisture can be added to the air. If throat soreness does develop, it should go away soon after coming back inside.

Beside above, why does my throat feel tight after running?

VCD stands for vocal cord dysfunction (also known as exercise-induced laryngeal obstruction) and is a common condition characterized by the throat inexplicably closing during rigorous exercise. It can dramatically increase breathing difficulty, diminish performance and often causes panic in those who experience it.

Is it harder to run in the cold or heat?

Two reasons are the low temperatures and bitter winds. Yet many runners might find it easier than running in hot weather. That could be because lower temperatures reduce stress on the body. When you run in cold weather, your heart rate and the body's dehydration levels are lower than in warmer conditions.

What is runners cough?

Why Do I Start Coughing After Running? Some people cough when exercising in cold weather, but have no problems in the summer or warmer seasons. This is commonly known as exercise asthma or exercise associated bronchospasm. This can be a form of intermittent asthma or simply bronchospasm from changes in the airway.
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