4th November 2019


How do I show hidden files?

Windows 7
  1. Select the Start button, then select Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization.
  2. Select Folder Options, then select the View tab.
  3. Under Advanced settings, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and then select OK:

Accordingly, how do I show hidden files in Windows 10?

Option 2 – From Control Panel
  1. Right-click the “Start” button, then select “Control Panel“.
  2. Go to “Appearance and Personalization“, then select “File Explorer Options“.
  3. Click the “View” tab.
  4. Scroll down a bit and change the “Hidden files and folders” setting to “Show hidden files, folders, and drives“.

Where is the Folder Options in Windows 10?

How to Open Folder Options in Windows 10
  1. Open the File Explorer.
  2. Tap on View and click on Options.
  3. If you want to open folders in just a single click, then select the single click option.
  4. Under View Tab, you can enable options by reading them.
  5. The search folder will help you how you would like to search items from your computer.

How do I get to hide protected operating system files in Windows 10?

To unhide the protected operating system files follow the following steps:
  1. Click on Options.
  2. Click on Change folder and search options.
  3. On the Folder Options screen, click the View tab.
  4. Scroll down and remove the check box from Hide protected operating system files (Recommended).
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