How do I send money from Wells Fargo to another bank?

To transfer funds online to or from your brokerage accounts:
  1. Sign on to Wells Fargo Online to access transfers.
  2. Choose whether the transfer is to or from a brokerage account, the linked bank account the transfer is to or from, and the amount and frequency of the transfer.
  3. Click the Continue button.

What is Zelle transfer?

The new P2P payment platform Zelle is in a class of its own. It can transfer $1 or more for deposit into your recipient's bank account — typically in minutes. Backed by many major US banks, Zelle could be your solution for nearly instantaneous transfers with no fees for you or your recipient.
  • How do I send money with Zelle?

    To send a request for money, go to Send Money with Zelle® and select Request. From there, select a recipient (the person who will receive your request) from your list of recipients or add a recipient by selecting the “+” icon. Next, enter the amount of your request, review it, and select Send.
  • How can I transfer money from Wells Fargo to Bank of America?

    That means you can easily transfer money from a Wells Fargo account to a Bank of America account using Wells Fargo's "SurePay". To go the other direction, on the Bank of America website click on the "Transfers" tab, then go to Send Money To Someone -> "Using their email address or mobile number".
  • How do you send money through email?

    Request money from someone
    1. Open Gmail.
    2. Click the Compose button.
    3. Enter the email address of the person you want to send money to.
    4. Add a subject and message text (optional).
    5. Click the $ icon (£ for UK users).
    6. Click Request at the top of the box, and enter the amount you'd like to request.
    7. Click Review.
    8. Click Attach.

What banks accept Zelle?

Here's a list of the banks that are participating in Zelle:
  • Ally Bank.
  • Bank of America.
  • Bank of Hawaii.
  • Bank of the West.
  • BB&T.
  • BECU.
  • Capital One.
  • Citi.
  • Which banks accept Zelle?

    Zelle, a new payment service backed by more than 30 US banks, will launch its standalone app on September 12th to take on competitors like Venmo and Square Cash. The network had been quietly powering money transfers for major US banks including Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, and Citibank since launching in June.
  • How long does Zelle take?

    Once that payment completes, that recipient will be able to receive future payments faster, typically within minutes1. If it has been more than three days, we recommend confirming that the person you sent money to has activated their Zelle profile and that you entered the right email address or U.S. mobile number.
  • Can you cancel a Zelle payment?

    You can only cancel a payment if the recipient hasn't yet enrolled with Zelle. You can go to your activity page within the Zelle experience, either within your mobile banking app or the Zelle app, choose the payment you want to cancel, and then select “Cancel This Payment.”

Updated: 26th October 2019

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