2nd October 2019


How do I record a video on my Samsung phone?

Want to record a video clip? Follow these easy instructions.
  1. Tap Apps.
  2. Tap Camera.
  3. If the camera is turned on: Drag the indicator to the video recorder icon.
  4. To zoom in or out: Tap the upper or lower part of the Volume key.
  5. To turn on video light:
  6. Tap Flash.
  7. Tap On.
  8. Tap the record icon to start the video recorder.

How do you record on this phone?

Method 2 Android
  1. Look for a voice recording app on your device.
  2. Download a recorder app from the Google Play Store.
  3. Launch your voice recording app.
  4. Tap the Record button to start a new recording.
  5. Point the bottom of your Android phone towards the audio source.
  6. Tap the Pause button to pause recording.
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