18th November 2019


How do I know if I am having a heart attack?

Someone having a heart attack may feel:
  1. chest pain, which may also include feelings of: tightness. discomfort. crushing pain.
  2. spreading pain, which may spread out: from the chest area. down one or both arms.
  3. shortness of breath.
  4. paleness, sweating or overall weakness.
  5. nausea, vomiting and maybe indigestion.
  6. anxiety or fear.

So, which side is the heart on in the human body?

The base of the heart is located along the body's midline with the apex pointing toward the left side. Because the heart points to the left, about 2/3 of the heart's mass is found on the left side of the body and the other 1/3 is on the right.

Where the heart is really located?

The heart, actually, is located in the center of the chest, behind the sternum (or the breastbone). However, a part of it is slightly offset to the left, as you can figure out from the picture above.

What does a mild heart attack feel like?

The most common warning signs of a heart attack include: Chest pain: Most heart attacks involve pain or discomfort in the center or left-center of the chest. The pain may feel like tightness, fullness, heavy pressure, crushing, or squeezing. It can also feel like heartburn or indigestion.
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