12th November 2019


How do I get rid of Parallels on my Mac?

  1. Shut down your virtual machines and quit Parallels Desktop.
  2. Open the Applications folder and drag the Parallels Desktop icon to the Trash.
  3. Empty the Trash.
  4. Reboot your Mac.

Also, how do I uninstall Parallels and Windows from my Mac?

To remove a virtual machine please follow these steps:
  1. Launch Parallels Desktop.app, but do not start your virtual machine.
  2. Click on the Parallels icon on the Mac menu bar > select Control Center.
  3. Right-click on your virtual machine and select Remove.

How do I remove Windows from my Mac?

  1. Launch the Boot Camp Assistant.
  2. Click the Continue button in the first screen.
  3. Select the Create or Remove a Windows Partition option in the next screen.
  4. Click Continue again.
  5. Select the drive that has your Boot Camp partition, enable the Restore Disk to a Single Mac OS Partition option, and click Continue.

How do I remove parallels toolbox?

  1. To uninstall Parallels Toolbox, quit the application.
  2. Open Finder > Applications > select the Parallels Toolbox folder and application and move them to Trash.
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