3rd December 2019


How do I get my spectrum username and password?

To change the password for your Spectrum username:
  1. Sign in to Spectrum.net.
  2. Select the Menu icon in the upper left hand corner of the page and choose Manage Account. Then select Settings.
  3. Underneath your username, you'll see your password and security question. Choose Edit to change them.

Thereof, what is my Time Warner Cable ID?

link on the My Account homepage and follow these three easy steps: Enter the email address associated with your TWC ID. Click Submit. Your Username will be displayed on the next screen.

What is a spectrum ID?

A Spectrum ID, or SID, is the unique chain of up to 10 characters that is used to identify an Organization in the Spectrum channels. Due to restrictions in the channel's encryption, this SID must be composed solely of uppercase alphanumeric characters.

How can I find my Spectrum account number?

Enter the last name associated with the account. Choose a method of verifying your account from the drop-down menu: Your Account Number: You can find your 16-digit account number at the top of your Spectrum statement (bill).
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