4th November 2019


How do I get HBO Go on my smart TV?

To activate HBO GO on your Samsung TV, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Samsung appstore and make sure your Samsung TV model is supported (choose the Check your device link).
  2. Download HBO GO from the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV.
  3. Open HBO GO on your TV.
  4. Choose Sign In or Activate Your Device to get your activation code.

Also asked, can I get HBO now on my TV?

HBO Now is exclusive to Apple devices for its first three months, which means with your 30-day free trial or HBO Now subscription you can only watch HBO programming on your big screen if you have Apple TV. However, this quick hack will allow you to watch the app via your iPhone or iPad if you aren't an Apple TV owner.

Is HBO GO available on a smart TV?

HBO GO is supported on many, but not all Samsung Smart TVs. To find out if your Samsung TV is compatible with HBO GO, go to the Samsung appstore and then choose Check your device or See all compatible devices. HBO and Samsung are working to add support for additional devices in the future.

Can you get HBO now on a Vizio Smart TV?

It does not appear that Vizio supports HBO NOW in their Vizio Internet Apps Plus list. It appears that the only way to use HBO NOW on a Vizio TV is to purchase a compatible streaming device. It also appears that some Samsung Smart TVs natively support the HBO NOW app.
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