26th November 2019


How do I get a CD out of my Macbook Pro that is stuck?

Drag the CD/DVD icon to the Trash, reboot the Mac and hold down the mouse button, or the "Eject" button on your keyboard. 2. Launch Apple's Disk Utility application, select the stuck CD/DVD and hit the "Eject" button. If none of these solution works, there's a pretty good chance that there's a hardware problem.

In this way, how do you eject a disc from a Macbook?

Restart the machine holding down the (left, or only) mouse button. After that, an icon will appear on the top menu bar on the right hand side that allows ejecting of discs. 3. Open Applications -> iTunes, and select the eject disc icon on its window.

Where is the eject button on a Mac?

Unlike a PC, there is no Eject button on the CD drive of a Mac. Use one of these options to quickly and easily get your disc out. Press the Media Eject button on the keyboard, located in the top row of keys. This button has no text but features an icon that looks like an up arrow with a single line underneath.

How do you open the disk drive on a Mac Pro?

Power Mac G4: How to Open the CD/DVD Tray
  1. Press the Eject key on Apple Pro Keyboard.
  2. To open the second optical drive on a Power Mac G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors) computer, press Option-Eject on the Apple Pro Keyboard.
  3. Open the Eject application found in the Eject Extras folder.
  4. Click the iTunes eject button (see Figure 1).
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