How do I find the MAC address of my nest?

You can find your Nest Thermostat's MAC address on the thermostat itself.
  1. Press the thermostat's ring to bring up the Quick View menu.
  2. Turn the ring to scroll to Settings and press the ring to select.
  3. Select Technical Info, then Network.
  4. Scroll down to find your thermostat's MAC address.

Where is the serial number on the nest?

There are three ways to find the thermostat's serial number: on the packaging, on the back of the thermostat display, in the Nest app, and in the thermostat's TECHNICAL INFO menu. If the thermostat is still in the packaging, you can find the serial number on the bottom of the box.
  • How do I find the model number for my Nest Thermostat?

    Here's how:
    1. Select your thermostat on the app home screen.
    2. Tap the Settings icon in the top right corner of the screen.
    3. Select Technical info.
    4. You'll see numbers next to the Display model of your thermostat. The first digit of the number tells you what thermostat you have: 1.xx is a 1st gen Nest Learning Thermostat.
  • Where do I find the serial number on my nest?

    Turn the ring to SETTINGS and press to select. 3. Turn the ring to TECHNICAL INFO and press to select. You'll find several different sections here with information about your Nest thermostat's sensors, your Wi-Fi network, your thermostat's serial and model numbers, and much more.
  • Can the nest control a humidifier?

    The 2nd generation Nest Learning Thermostat is compatible with most whole-home humidifier and dehumidifiers. Applies to: Nest thermostats. Humidifier or dehumidifier systems compatible with the 2nd generation Nest Learning Thermostat are controlled by a single wire connected to the Nest Learning Thermostat's connector.

What does green blinking light on nest mean?

A small, flashing green light on the Nest Thermostat display usually means that it's updating software. It should automatically turn on when finished. But if this continues for longer than a few minutes, see the article below for more troubleshooting. Why is there a flashing green light on the Nest display? >
  • How do I reset Nest schedule?

    Just delete the temperatures you don't want and add the ones you do. Then you can copy and paste a single day's schedule into the rest of the week. Restart learning - If Nest has learned the wrong schedule, just restart learning. Go to Settings on your thermostat, then Reset and Reset Learning.
  • How do I silence my nest protect?

    Here's how:
    1. On the Nest app home screen, select Nest Protect.
    2. In the top corner, select Settings .
    3. Select Alarm options.
    4. Select Silencing alarms.
    5. Toggle the switch to turn off App Silence. In the future, if you want enable the App Silence option again, simply toggle the switch back on.
  • How do you remove the ring doorbell?

    To charge your Ring Doorbell:
    1. Remove the security screw on the base of the doorbell and lift the doorbell up and away from the mounting bracket.
    2. Connect any micro-USB charger to the charging port in the back of the Ring unit (an orange one comes inside of your Ring box).

When was nest 3rd Generation released?

Nest Learning Thermostat
GenerationRelease Date
1st25 October 2011
2nd2 October 2012
3rd1 September 2015
E31 August 2017
  • What works with the nest?

    Learn more about Works with Nest. Works with Nest lets your Nest devices connect to the things that you use every day: electronics, appliances and more. For instance, if you enable a WWN connection to your car, it can tell Nest when you'll be home so your thermostat can start heating or cooling at the right time.
  • What does the nest do?

    On the surface, Nest Thermostat is a connected thermostat with an Android app that lets you remotely control the temperature. Connected thermostats are nothing new, but Nest worked especially hard to make the user experience simple (and even enjoyable) for everyone.
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Updated: 30th August 2018

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