30th June 2020


How do I find recent death notices?

Writing a Funeral Announcement for the Newspaper or for a Card
  1. Name of the deceased. You should include the person's full name and any associated titles.
  2. Residence of the deceased.
  3. Surviving family.
  4. Where they worked.
  5. Funeral date, time and place.
  6. Clergy for the funeral.
  7. Memorial or floral contribution.
  8. Picture.

Keeping this in consideration, can you find old obituaries online?

Nowadays, many obituaries can be found online, published digitally on the websites of newspapers and funeral homes, as well as on remembrance sites like Legacy. The local library remains a good place to look for older obituaries, with library newspaper archives often dating back a century or more.

Beside above, how do I find the date of someone's death?

How to Find a Person's Date of Death
  1. Begin your search at sites offering access to the Social Security Death Index (SSDI).
  2. Go to Rootsweb.com or GenealogyBank.com and follow the link for the SSDI portal.
  3. Enter as much information on the individual as possible.
  4. Look through the results to see whether you see a record for the individual you seek.

Why can't I find an obituary?

If you 'can't find an obituary', it's a possible indication that the subject of your search has not yet died - or that, having died only very recently, no obituary has yet been published - or, indeed, written.

Can I find death records online?

Online United States vital records are found on a number of websites, such as FamilySearch.org, Ancestry.com, or state government sites. Some states have not placed their records online and it is necessary for near kin to fill out forms and order copies of certificates.
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