2nd October 2019


How do I find my ps4 serial number?

Model number: The model number is located in two places on the bottom of the back, near the bar codes. It begins with CUH and is followed by a dash, 4 numbers and a letter. In the example to the right, the model number is in the boxes and is CUH-1001A. Serial number: The serial number is 11 characters long.

Besides, how do I find my ps4 address?

Turn on your Playstation 4 without any disk in the drive and wait for the menu to pop up. Navigate to the "Settings" icon (located on the far left). Select the "System" icon under the Settings menu. You will see your MAC address listed on this screen, containing letters and numbers in the format xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.

How do I connect my ps4 to the PlayStation app?

Connect your smartphone or other device and your PS4™ system to the same network. On the PS4™ system, select (Settings) > [Mobile App Connection Settings] > [Add Device]. Open (PS4 Second Screen) on your smartphone or other device, and then select the PS4™ system you want to connect to.

How popular is PlayStation 4?

PlayStation 4 is the 10th-best-selling video game console (79 million units sold). The top 10 best-selling game consoles are: PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, Game Boy, PlayStation, Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 4.
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