25th November 2019


How do I download a book from Kindle Cloud Reader?

To download content from the Cloud:
  1. From Home, tap a Kindle content library (for example, Books) in the top navigation, and then tap the Cloud tab to view Kindle content not downloaded to your Kindle device.
  2. Tap your content type to download the title to your device.
  3. Tap the Device tab to view your Kindle content.

Furthermore, can you read books on Kindle without Internet connection?

With both the Kindle and Nook app you need Internet access to get the initial download of the book. 3g or Wi-Fi, either works. Once the book is downloaded to the phone then you do not have to have access in order to read them.

How do I get my Kindle to show page numbers instead of location?

To use Time to Read:
  1. While reading, tap the top of the screen to show the reading toolbar.
  2. Tap the Display Settings (Aa) icon, and then tap the Reading Progress tab.
  3. Select your preferred tracking option to be displayed at the bottom of your screen: Location in book. Page in book (if available) Time left in chapter.

Can I read my Kindle books on the Internet?

Using your web browser, go to read.amazon.com to open Kindle Cloud Reader. You may need to sign in with your Amazon account. Your Kindle Library is displayed on the main page. Click on a book to start reading.
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