How do I copy files from Dropbox to my hard drive?

  1. Hold down the Control key while dragging and dropping the file into your Dropbox folder.
  2. Copy and Paste: Right-click on the file you want to copy and select Copy. Next, navigate to your Dropbox folder or wherever you'd like to store a copy of the file. Right-click anywhere inside the folder and select Paste.

Is Dropbox a backup solution?

Dropbox is ideal for syncing files across systems, but because it only keeps deleted files for 30 days, it's not ideal as a backup solution. Other online storage and syncing solutions are similar: It's too easy to make a change in your files that permanently loses your data.
  • How do I link my Dropbox to my computer?

    1. Open the Dropbox app.
    2. Tap the menu icon.
    3. Tap the gear icon.
    4. Tap Connect a Computer.
    5. The app will ask if you're near the computer—if you are, tap Yes.
    6. Open a web browser on your computer, and navigate to
    7. Use the Dropbox mobile app to scan this QR code.
    8. Install the app.
  • Can I transfer files from one Dropbox account to another?

    To move files between the two accounts: Connect your accounts. Sign in to both accounts on your computer. Drag items from one Dropbox folder to the other as you would with any other file or folder.
  • Can Dropbox be moved to SD card?

    Moving your files to an SD card takes a few steps in Dropbox. Start by tapping the “Quick Action” button to the right of the file you want to export, select “More”, then “Export”, and tap “Save to Device” to pick your external SD card. You can download the Dropbox Android app on Google Play.

Do Dropbox files take up space on my hard drive?

Selective Sync lets you choose which folders you want to keep on your computer, so you never have to worry about running out of hard drive space. By default, Dropbox will sync a copy of all your files to the Dropbox folder on your computer.
  • How do I remove Dropbox from my computer without deleting files?

    Uninstall the desktop app on Windows
    1. Search Control Panel at the Start screen and select it.
    2. Under Programs, select Uninstall a program.
    3. Select Dropbox from the list of programs.
    4. Click Uninstall.
    5. Restart your computer to complete the uninstall.
  • How do I clean up my Dropbox?

    Here's how to do it:
    1. Open the Dropbox site in a browser window and sign in.
    2. Navigate to the folder that held or holds the files you want to delete.
    3. Delete them if need be, then select "Show deleted files" from the navigation bar above the file list.
  • How much free space do you get on Dropbox?

    Dropbox Basic. A Dropbox Basic account is free and includes 2 GB of space. You can download free apps to access Dropbox from your computer, phone, or tablet. You can also earn more space on your Dropbox Basic account.

How do I get my Dropbox to sync?

To turn on selective sync:
  1. Click the Dropbox icon from the system tray or menu bar.
  2. Click the gear icon, and then select Preferences… from the menu.
  3. Click Sync.
  4. Click Selective Sync…
  5. A window will appear with a list of all the main folders in your Dropbox folder:
  • Is Dropbox secure?

    This is what Dropbox says about security: To offset this, Dropbox encrypts all data in transit using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) between Dropbox apps and its servers. This is designed to create a secure tunnel protected by 128-bit or higher Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.
  • Can you uninstall Dropbox from your computer without deleting files?

    In order to uninstall dropbox without deleting files, right-click on the "Dropbox" icon and choose "Preferences". In the "Account" tab, choose "Unlink This computer". Confirm the changes by pressing the"Ok" button and exit from the "Dropbox". Then right-click on the "Dropbox" folder and choose "Open Folder location".
  • What is Dropbox on Android phone?

    If having access to your most important files is critical to you, even when you are on the go, Dropbox is your answer. Not only can it sync documents between all your computers whether they be Windows, Mac, or Linux, it also allows you access using your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android phone.

Updated: 28th November 2019

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