7th December 2019


How do I add Outlook to my desktop Windows 10?

Here's how to make it work:
  1. Right-click or tap and hold any blank place on the Windows 10 Desktop.
  2. Choose New > Shortcut.
  3. Pick one of the ms-settings apps listed below and type it into the input box.
  4. Click Next, give the shortcut a name, and click Finish.

In this way, how do you save outlook to your desktop?

If you want to save the file to the disk or hard drive, please find and select them; If you just want to save it to the desktop, please click Desktop in the left pane. 7. Then it returns to the Export Outlook Data File/Export Personal Folder dialog box, please click the Finish button.

How do I create a shortcut on my desktop for my email?

To create an e-mail shortcut follow the steps below.
  1. Right-click the Desktop or area you want to create the e-mail shortcut and select New and then Shortcut.
  2. For the location or path to the shortcut enter mailto:[email protected] where [email protected] is the e-mail address you want to use in the shortcut.
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