6th December 2019


How do clothes work to keep you warm and cold?

Without clothing, you will lose heat faster, because new "cool" air can always move in contact with your skin. Clothing keeps you warm by trapping a layer of air between your skin and the fabric. This layer of air warms up, which slows the rate of heat transfer from your body.

Just so, what should I wear to stay warm?

Steps to Dress Warm in Winter
  1. Wear a quality baselayer.
  2. Layer on top a t-shirt or long-sleeve shirt.
  3. Add on a warm sweatshirt or fleece.
  4. Add a quality jacket to your wardrobe that's built for winter.
  5. Wear a lined pant or jeans on the bottom with thermals under.
  6. Keep the feet warm with wool socks and quality shoes.

How do you stay warm without a jacket?

Part 1 Staying Warm Outside
  1. Wear an under-layer.
  2. Wear a waterproof outer layer.
  3. Wear a heat-retaining layer.
  4. Protect your extremities.
  5. Protect yourself from the elements.
  6. Bring warming materials.
  7. Wear clothing that is the right size.
  8. Move around to create heat.
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