29th June 2020


How come vs How comes?

Bernhard Sulzer: how come is a standard phrase but it is not necessarily always acceptable English (more a colloquialism); how comes - if it's not short for how comes it - is definitely slang and grammatically wrong. / Thanks! ;-)

Consequently, how comes Meaning?

Often when a person is asked WHY, they feel somewhat defensive, as if the person asking is challenging the action. In my experience, when a person is asked HOW COME instead of WHY it sounds more like the asker is simply, genuinely asking for help understanding the other person's reasoning rather than challenging it.

Also to know, is how come proper?

Answer and Explanation:
The expression "how come" is an acceptable, though perhaps less formal, way to ask the question "why." It is an example of usage that has evolved over time into a useful idiom, offering variety and nuance in expression.

Where I come from meaning?

Where I'm coming from” refers to a person's personal perspective or point of view, generally based on that person's own experiences. We have different traditions, words, experiences, etc. around the world. So I might say “where I come from” we do X.

How far are questions examples?

He can walk 3 kms.

Questions beginning with HOW FAR
  • How far can he walk?
  • How far can she run?
  • How far can it work?
  • How far can it go?
  • How far can she travel?
  • How far can I write into the night?
  • How far can we travel into this forest?
  • How far can they dig into this mine?
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