2nd October 2019


How can you change a liquid to a gas?

When this happens, all of the molecules go flying apart and become a gas (like when you boil water to make steam). The process of gas molecules leaving the liquid to go into the gas is called "evaporation." The opposite process is called "condensation."

What is it called when a substance changes from a liquid to a gas?

For example, a solid may become a liquid. This phase change is called melting. When a solid changes into a gas, it is called sublimation. When a gas changes into to liquid, it is called condensation. That allows the solid substance to have a definite volume and shape.

What is the change of state from a liquid to a gas?

The change of state from a liquid to a solid is called freezing. B. Removing Energy: Removing energy will cause the particles in a liquid to begin locking into place. A. Boiling and Evaporation: Evaporation is the change of a substance from a liquid to a gas.
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