2nd October 2019


How can we increase engine efficiency?

  1. Run the engine fuel-lean, that is, use excess air. It is well known that fuel-lean running improves the efficiency.
  2. Higher compression ratio.
  3. We need new cycles put into practical use.
  4. Run the engine at optimum conditions, meaning low friction (modest engine speed) and low pumping work (air throttle more open).

Also question is, which is more efficient diesel or gasoline engine?

Theoretically diesels are more efficient than petrol due to higher compression ratio. Also another factor being the energy content of both fuels, for a given mass of fuel the energy content of diesel in higher than petrol. This is another reason that Diesel engines are more efficient than petrol.

How efficient is a car engine?

Most internal combustion engines are incredibly inefficient at turning fuel burned into usable energy. The efficiency by which they do so is measured in terms of "thermal efficiency", and most gasoline combustion engines average around 20 percent thermal efficiency.

Is an electric motors more efficient than combustion engines?

The direct answer to your question is that electric engines can be more than 90% efficient and even up to 98% efficient while combustion engines are 30 to 45% efficient. The biggest issue with electrical power vs combustion power or even hydrogen power is the medium that is used to hold energy in the vehicle.
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