2nd October 2019


How can I take my cat on a plane?

Do your homework with the airlines.
  1. Confirm that your cat can travel in the airplane cabin with you under the seat in front of you; avoid transporting your cat in the cargo/luggage hold at all cost.
  2. Identify the precise dimensions under the airline seat as this will dictate the size of your transport carrier.

Thereof, how much benadryl can you give to a cat?

Faught says his office doses Benadryl at about one milligram per pound. For an average sized cat, you'll probably want to give half of a 25-milligram tablet. A 10-pound cat will most likely need about four milliliters of liquid (available at a concentration of 12.5mg/5ml) to get the right dose, he says.

Is it okay to give Benadryl to a cat?

According to the Cat Health Guide, you can give your cat 2 milligrams per pound of body weight every 8 hours. For example, if your cat weighs 10 pounds, you would give him no more than 20 milligrams per dose. Drowsiness is a side effect of taking Benadryl for cats just as it is for humans.

How do you travel in a car with a cat?

Road-Trip Tips: How to Travel With Your Cat In The Car
  1. Practice makes perfect. Practice driving short distances with your cat to acclimate him to the car. (
  2. Check identification. Check that your cat is wearing an easy-to-read tag on his collar.
  3. Plan pit stops.
  4. Pack extra supplies.
  5. Confirm your hotels.
  6. Prepare for stress.
  7. Before you drive off.
  8. Keep your cat in the carrier.
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