11th December 2019


How can I learn computer programming?

If you're just getting started on your coding journey, here are ten tips and resources to set you off on the right foot.
  1. Figure Out Why You Want to Learn to Code.
  2. Choose the Right Language.
  3. Start Small (and Be Patient)
  4. Try a Kids App.
  5. Use Free Online Training Sites.
  6. Take a Coding Course.
  7. Grab Some Free Programming Books.

Also question is, how do you develop software?

Part 2 Developing a Program
  1. Brainstorm ideas. A good program will perform a task that makes life easier for the user.
  2. Write a design document.
  3. Create a prototype.
  4. Test it over and over.
  5. Polish your projects.
  6. Put your projects on GitHub.
  7. Distribute your software.

How do you make a program in Word?

Click the “File” tab in Word 2010 or the “Office” button in Word 2007. Select “New” to open the New Document window and select “Blank Document.” To use a predesigned template, select “Brochures and Booklets” in Word 2010, or “Brochures” in Word 2007, wait for the available templates to appear and select one.
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