2nd October 2019


How can I build my daughter's confidence?

13 Ways to Boost Your Daughter's Self-Esteem
  1. Model body acceptance.
  2. 2. Make your daughter media literate.
  3. Don't raise her as a “pleaser.”
  4. Start team sports early.
  5. Moms, don't borrow your daughter's clothes.
  6. Direct your praise away from appearance.
  7. Help her build skills that are independent of appearance.

Likewise, people ask, how do you build a child's self esteem?

To help build your child's positive self-image as he grows, consider these dos and don'ts.
  1. Do give children choices.
  2. Don't do everything for her.
  3. Do let him know no one is perfect.
  4. Don't gush or offer insincere praise.
  5. Do assign age-appropriate household chores.
  6. Don't draw comparisons between your children.

How can you help your child to become self reliant?

Follow the few steps mentioned below to raise responsible children and make your child self dependent:
  1. Stop spoon feeding.
  2. Stop rescuing.
  3. Guide them to solve their own problems.
  4. Teach them to organize.
  5. Assign some responsibility.
  6. Teach them the value of money.
  7. Conclusion – Responsible children.
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