26th November 2019


How can I boost my Facebook page without paying?

Here are thirteen ways you can boost Facebook reach without promoting posts:
  1. Analyze your top 10. Go into your Facebook page Insights and rank your content by likes, comments and shares.
  2. Post awesome content.
  3. Optimize targeting.
  4. Don't cross-post.
  5. Post at the best time.
  6. Post on weekends.
  7. Use Facebook LIVE.
  8. Use your blog.

Considering this, what is a promoted post?

Promoted Posts are an advertising option from Facebook that enable you to make sure the posts you want to market get seen in the News Feeds of more people. How Facebook Promoted Posts work: A Promoted Post begins as a regular post you've made on your business Page.

Can you boost a post on a personal page?

If you have a profile acting as a business, that profile may be deactivated or converted to a Page because it violates Facebook policy. In order to advertise on newsfeeds, you'll need to have a Page. Hello all, A Boost can be created on any Page, whether you're using it as a personal or business Page.

How do you bump up a post on Facebook?

Posts continuously re-bumping to the top of the page. Hello all, In my group I sometimes "bump" up a members' post to give them extra exposure if it went down the feed too quickly (For those who don't know; you can type the word "bump" in a comment and it will shoot the post to the top of the feed).
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