6th December 2019


How big can an Outlook PST file be?

Although Outlook 2003/2007 now supports PST files as large as 20GB. And Outlook 2010 supports 50GB, it is still highly recommended that your PST file should not larger than 10GB, because: Most operations with large PST file are very slow.

Regarding this, how large can a PST file be?

By default, a Unicode pst-file or ost-file can grow as large as 20GB in Outlook 2007 and 50GB in Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016. However, the technical limit lies at 4194304GB (which is 4096TB or 4PB) and the default limit can be adjusted.

What is the maximum size of a PSD file?

The PSD file format limit is 2GB, but for PSB files the limit is 300K pixels by 300K pixels (any DPI). I've created multiple files > 60GB using the PSB format since at least PS CS3.

What is the attachment size limit for Outlook?

You receive this error message because Outlook 2010 has a new default attachment size limit of 20 megabytes (20,480 KB) for Internet email accounts. This limit prevents your computer from continually trying to upload very large attachments that exceed the limits of most Internet service providers.
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