21st October 2019


How are the two types of fermentation similar and different?

Human muscle cells also use fermentation. This occurs when muscle cells cannot get oxygen fast enough to meet their energy needs through aerobic respiration. There are two types of fermentation: lactic acid fermentation and alcoholic fermentation.

Besides, what is the major difference between respiration and fermentation?

Oxygen is used in respiration while it is not used in fermentation. In fact, fermentation occurs due to absence of oxygen. Respiration involves the usage of enzymes such as glucose. Cellular respiration is more efficient tin in producing ATP as compare to fermentation.

How do the processes of aerobic respiration and fermentation differ?

One is aerobic, involving oxygen and the other is anaerobic or without the use of oxygen. One of the most striking differences though between fermentation and aerobic respiration is the end product. Fermentation process yields only 2 ATP while the other produces 38 ATP.
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