17th October 2019


How are areas of depression represented on a topographic map?

A depression is represented by a series of concentric closed contours with the inner contours having lower elevation than their outer surrounding. There are small tick marks or hachures on these contour lines pointing towards lower elevation.

Also asked, what is the definition of a depression contour?

Definition of depression contour. A closed contour, inside of which the ground or geologic structure is at a lower elevation than that outside, and distinguished on a map from other contour lines by hachures marked on the downslope or downdip side.

What is a closed depression?

A closed depression (CD) is a landform where the hillslopes encircle a common sediment depository, and the sediment eroded from the surrounding hillslopes is trapped in the system. Despite the fact that closed depressions (CDs) have been regularly reported in the literature, little research on their origin exists.

How do contour lines show hills and depression?

When contour lines are closer together on a map, they indicate a steep slope. Think of contour lines as the distance between each incline. The closer together the inclines, the steeper the hill. On the other hand, the farther apart lines tend to indicate a depression in the landscape.
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