29th June 2020


How about that definition?

Phrase. (rhetorical question) A general statement of surprise or bemusement with regard to a particular event.; isn't that good, or excellent, etc.

Also to know is, how that meaning?

how's that. phrase. If you say 'How's that? ' to someone, you are asking whether something is acceptable or satisfactory.

Subsequently, question is, how about now means?

"About now" means "at this time." Is it an informal way of saying? Yes, this is informal speech or writing.

Why is that so meaning?

(2) "Why is that so?" is used to question an explanation, e.g. A: "If all people have identity cards, we would be better off." B: How come?/ how so?/ how is that? A: "Because then the police would know who the wrong-doers were."

What does right about now mean?

That said, right about now is a fairly common set phrase and a lot of English speakers will use it without thinking very hard about whether it means anything different from now. This is used when the speaker knows something is going to happen in just a few seconds.
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