29th June 2020


Does Number 4 die in I Am Number 4?

Power of Six is the sequel to I Am Number Four and I think should be adapted into a film. I Am Number Four was a great movie and the books are so good! I Am Number Four made almost triple it's budget even though not many people read the book.

Hereof, does Henri die in I Am Number Four?

In the movie, he dies shortly after Four and Sam arrive in Athens to rescue him. In the novel, he dies in the final battle at the school. He takes the name Henri because of his heavy Loric accent (which sounds similar to a French accent).

Secondly, how do I read I am Number Four?

I Am Number Four series order
  1. I Am Number Four.
  2. The Power Of Six.
  3. The Rise of Nine.
  4. The Fall of Five.
  5. The Revenge of Seven.
  6. The Fate of Ten.
  7. United As One.
  8. Generation One (Lorien Legacies Reborn)

How many legacies Can a Garde have?

On Lorien there were two types of citizens, those who develop Legacies, or powers, which can be extremely varied, anything from invisibility to the ability to read minds, from being able to fly to using natural forces like fire, wind or lightning.

Possessed ByGarde
Primary FunctionLorien defense

Why did the mogadorians attack Lorien?

As the Mogadorians continued to mistreat their planet and fail to do anything constructive about it before it was too late, they mounted an attack on the nearest planet, Lorien, in order to steal their resources to replace their own supplies, which were very low or had run out.
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