28th November 2019


Do you need ID for Greyhound bus ticket?

To travel on a bus within a metropolitan area, all you need is a schedule and fare. To ride to locations far and wide across the U.S., you'll need photo ID for a ticket on Greyhound. The bus service offers ticket purchases online, over the phone, at the terminal or through a Greyhound agency.

Also question is, do I need to print my ticket for Greyhound?

Print Your Ticket(s), Greyhound representatives at bus stations will not print your tickets and most bus stations do not have printing facilities. Pick Up at the Station. If you choose this option, then you must present yourself at the Greyhound counter before departure time in order to print your ticket2.

What is a web only ticket for Greyhound?

Web Only Fare: Special fare that is available when you purchase your ticket online. Advance Purchase: Special fare that allows you to get a better deal when you plan your trip ahead of time. Standard Fare: Our regular fare price that is available online or at any of our convenient ticketing locations.

Can you pay for a Greyhound ticket with cash?

Customers now can book tickets online at www.greyhound.com and pay with cash at approximately 1,800 participating ACE Cash Express stores. This partnership is fueled by PayNearMe, which provides the technology to facilitate cash payment options for Greyhound customers who may not have access to a credit or debit card.
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