2nd October 2019


Do you grill fish skin side down first?

First of all—skin is tasty! So when you're cooking salmon, keep that skin on: It provides a safety layer between your fish's flesh and a hot pan or grill. Start with the skin-side down, and let it crisp up. It's much easier to slide a fish spatula under the salmon's skin than under its delicate flesh.

Furthermore, which side of the salmon to grill first?

Use skin-on fillets and place the salmon fillets on the hot grill skin-side up first. The fillets, when raw, won't flake and fall apart like they will when they are cooked.

Which side of the fish to cook first?

If you are poaching the fillets in cooking fluid, cook the fish with the skin down or up, because the warm liquid cooks the fish more evenly. To saute or grill the fish, cook it with the flesh side down for one to two minutes, then turn it over and finish cooking it with the skin down.
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